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About ET Transportation Services

Tom Pilsbury, sole owner and President of ET Transportation Services, Inc., has been involved in the trucking and transportation industry for over 40 years. A longtime resident of Palermo, Maine, Tom began ET Transportation in the spare bedroom of his family homestead. After recognizing the specialized transportation needs of many New England based customers and carriers, Tom developed ET Transportation with the motto of "bringing trucks home".

Although the initial focus of ET Transportation was moving freight into and out of the New England region, the needs of our customers quickly changed the focus of ET nationwide. Tom began finding trucking companies based all over the U.S. and Canada in order to support customer requests. Along with the expansion of ET's focus, Tom began to recruit and hire his current team of logistics professionals. This ET team continued to "bring trucks home" although home was now all over the continent!

12 years later, the continuous growth of ET Transportation required the construction of the office building shown on the left, which houses the dispatching hub of our company. Since 2000, ET Transportation has been providing its specialized service for customers and carriers from this beautiful downtown Palermo location.

Our team has over 100 years of experience in the transportation industry and is here to assist you with your transportation needs. Meet our current team of Logistics Professionals:

Meet the Team
Top Row - Stan York (CTB), Tom Pilsbury (President) & Tom Whitney

Bottom Row - Angel, Sylvia, and Leslie